I know everyone who is everyone has told you to write what you know. Yeah. That's great. I know kids and knitting. Whatever. I LIVE that. Boh'rrrring.

I also live cleaning house, driving said kids around town, doing bills, making breakfast lunch dinner- and doing all that again the next day. I also knit, crochet, design wedding dresses and theater costumes, as well as killer ice skating costumes. Again...whatever! Who wants to write about that when they live it?

Oh, sure. I like to blog a bit about it all. It makes for some interesting “glimpse into another person's crazy.” But really? Do I want to write BOOKS about all that crap? No. Not me. I like aliens. I like ghosts. I like the SUPERNATURAL realm and all the creepy stuff that comes with that. Yummmm. Good reading there.

So, then, here is my dilemma...and maybe yours too: write what I know or write what really floats my boat?

Hand on chin. Eyes to the sky. A second's pause. Yep. No. Sorry rules. The bathtub floaty wins.

And who is to say that I don't KNOW about the supernatural? I grew up in a house full of ghosts. No, really. I did. And—it was normal. I worked in the space and communication's industry. Innnnnteresting stories with that one.

I was also able to astral project when I was a kid. Had to break that bad boy habit. Too freaky. But you're getting the picture, right?

I'm Ruske Roma. My family is full of alien encounter stories right along side spiritual epiphanies and religious Orthodox tradition. So what would you think might be my natural story blackboard? You guessed it—all things freakish.

With a childhood full of tarot readings and spiritual awakening, I'm a disturbed individual to be sure. But what a trip! I could write thirty books and still come up with thirty more stories. My favorite theme being the ageless fight between good and evil. The infinite war between Angels and Demons. Oh, yes, my friends, there is that and there always will be.

You may disagree. You may disavow angels and demons. Rainbows and butterflies may enthrall you. And my fellow writer/reader that is okay. Read/write what you must. (Spoiler alert for the rainbow and butterfly gang: do not read my story. It will scare the bejeezus out of you and make you keep your night light on.) But, for the creepfesters who loooove love love a good supernatural, alien, demonic, spookycreepymayjusthappen story, then you will love my book The Remnant: Freewill (which I hope will be out before I get gray hair) because this story is packed full of creep and bloodthirsty mayhem.

So here's my question to all my fellow scribes...are you finding yourself in a writer's block because you have been coerced by the powers that be to write what you know? House, husband, work, talent, speciality, KNITTING....blahby blah blah. Yeah. Throw that crap out the window.

Dig deeper.

Forget what you know, what you live everyday and, instead, unbury what drives you. What things have happened to you in your life that has formed your character since birth? When you look up to the clouds what inspires you? What QUESTION dwells deep within? Dude, write that. I'll read it. I don't even care if its about rainbows and butterflies. If it matters that much to you, then I know its going to be a good read.

And I didn't just say that because I'm afraid KARMA is going to flood my house full of killer butterflies (see how twisted I am?). I really mean it.

Be true to your imagination and good luck on your story.

Feel free to comment on what makes you stare off into the distance. I'd be interested to know what that is.


02/24/2014 13:10

Loved the post - and heaven's yes girl - write what you've been writing. I want to read the sequel!!


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