I don't know, but I seem to be the procrastination queen. ESPECIALLY when it comes down to the wire on a scene or chapter. Ooooooo...then I really dig in my heels and come up with all kinds of ways to remove myself from slamming at the keys. But, seriously, I'm wondering if procrastination is just another form of the process.

                                                                                   All part of the process.

All that mush collecting in our brains has got to be sorted out and filed away somehow. MAYBE, just maybe, procrastination is just a random sort of filing system. Like throwing the just laundered socks into a big pile on the couch, and then grabbing a handful of them (same color, of course--I'm not that cruel) and putting them in each kids' pile whether they belong to that kid, or not. Here ya go, kids. Come and get 'em. All clean. they don't know, right?

I mean, maybe, after I write about 2,000 words I deserve a break. It could be that my little pea brain is telling me to take a break so it can sort socks----all the different socks, aka....words/structure/plot...for me, unawares. Could be.

                                                                               Bunny needs a bath.

Although it could also be that my cupboards really do need to be emptied and cleaned from stem to stern...I mean, it's only been a month since I last had a go of it. Or bunny needs another bath? Oh, yummy bunny.  And there's the kids art wall that needs a wee feng shui. The keyboard cap tool is such a blast to use. All those little keys getting a good cleansing. Yes, the QUEEN.


SO WHAT if it's taken me six years to finish....(ooops , six chapters left to finish) my book? Hey, it took J.R.R. Tolkien twelve years to finish LORD OF THE RINGS and Frank Herbert seven to finish DUNE. Slackers. Or, maybe they were procrastinators like me? Hmmmmm. I bet you they procrastinated, too. I can see it. 


I can so visualize one of them spending the whole night experimenting on making the purrrfect pina colada. Or labeling their index cards with glow markers. Well, maybe not. I don't think they had those back then. But I bet you they took a walk to the park. Or stopped in a pub for a pint or two to get out of the rain. Or smoked a pipe whilst reclining back in their favorite armchair. Or just threw paper darts at the cat. We all have to "chill out" somehow.

Upon further introspection I realized I do certain things for certain reasons. For instance, if I'm stuck on a scene, I run. If I just wrote a thousand brilliant words, my fingers start to sweat, so I clean. if I don't think my plot is going to work out like I thought it was going to, I design. If I'm at a place where I'm getting confused, I listen to my daughter compose--there's something about the math in music that makes me go ah, ha!

                                                                          "Chilling out" = procrastination?

Typically, I've been called a procrastinator by non-writing buddies. I just don't think they get it. I really do think taking time out has a lot more to do with reorganizing, restructuring, allowing the muse to slap its silly head and say, "well, why didn't I think of that?" So, yeah. Call me the QUEEN of procrastination if you must, but don't expect me to turn around...I'm sorting out socks.

Do you procrastinate? If so, do you think it's just your process?


Until I read this I would have argued that I (me, moi) was the queen of procrastinators and challenged you for the title - but upon reflection I think you may be right because today my "stint" with folding the clean socks ended with that - "oh yes! that will work." moment about the end of my current project. So perhaps it is "thinking/processing" rather than procrastination.


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